Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Xanga misses me

I just got an email from Xanga saying "We've really missed reading your blog. We've been taking care of all your weblogs, photos, and other posts for you. Sign back in to relive the memories..." It seems a little desperate to me.

This is the second such email I have received, which is somewhat annoying. One email reminder should be enough. So, I log in to change my email settings, and the only setting turned on that might account for this reminder is "Get email updates about special notices from Xanga." I turned it off and hopefully that will stop the reminders. But I imagine it will also stop a bunch of other emails that might be of interest to me. Oh well, Xanga chose poorly to send me the same reminder more than once and not provide a more specific setting for such reminders.
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