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People, in San Francisco, have often bugged me to wear a helmet when riding my bicycle. I appreciate friends looking out for my well-being, so I try to brush them off nicely. Once I had a cyclist on Golden Gate Bridge, going the opposite direction, yell at me "Get a helmet!". I do not appreciate self-righteous strangers telling me what to do, unfortunately a lot of cyclists seem to know what's best for everyone.

On Tuesday I left work on my bicycle and was approached by some stranger at Folsom and 2nd Street. At first I couldn't understand what he was saying, and I realized he was somewhat handicapped. His speech was a little hard to follow and he held his hands at an unusual angle. I thought maybe he was asking for directions, but then I realized he was trying to tell me about an accident he had where he wasn't wearing a helmet. Once I started to understand, I said something like "Ok, thanks" and took off, the light had turned green and I was a little in traffic's way. I was a little annoyed with this guy, but I can't stay annoyed with someone who has presumably been seriously affected by a bike accident where he wasn't wearing a helmet. This guy doesn't have the right to tell me what to do, but more than anyone else he can tell me about the dangers of not wearing a helmet.

And just in case you are wondering, I don't intend to start wearing a bicycle helmet any time soon. Despite this fatal bicycle accident in San Francisco this morning.



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May. 23rd, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
What if I tell you to not ever - under ANY circumstances- wear a helmet? Well you wear one then? :-(

Just don't die. Thanks!
May. 23rd, 2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
Reverse psychology needs to be applied a little more cleverly that that.

I'm going to die, just not anytime soon hopefully.
*knocks on wood*
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