Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Carnaval Sunday

I got up a little late on Sunday, but I still managed to make it down to Carnaval in the Mission by around noon. After riding around a little I realized that the parade was still happening, but I had missed my friends dancing with the Hot Pink Feathers. I caught up with them at their lunch party on 24th. Everyone had changed out of their costumes and were recuperating.

Around 3pm we wandered around the corner to Davin and Luke's party. People were sitting on the backyard lawn and relaxing. It was warm and sunny, a beautiful day. More people drifted in, hamburgers were devoured and beer was drank. At some point the band finished setting up and started playing some really fun funk and jazz; and the party got really lively. kimmi8, Sarah and ydnar came by for a while. The two kegs were dry before the sun went down, the band played until it got dark, and after one beer run I decided I should also start to drift off with the other people leaving. I left with Becca and went for Tapas at Esperpento, a very nice ending to a really fun day.
Tags: music, party, san francisco

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