Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Impressions of a new LJ engr

LiveJournal is not corporate, there are lots of dedicated LJ and Six Apart staff who are into improving LJ, for the sake of improving LJ. Making the UI more usable, attracting more users and growing the community, providing more tools and improving existing ones. Can this be done without annoying existing users? Hopefully, but with such a large number of users some people are bound to be irked by changes.

Some of my favorite things about LJ:

  • People send in cookies to the LJ staff. My first week here and I'm munching on yummy chocolate chip cookies. This reminds me that there are thoughtful and generous people using LJ who know that the people working on LJ care about what they do.

  • The LJ community gives the staff feedback on changes. People here do think about their changes, and they get reviewed by most or all of the staff before getting pushed live, but not all issues are anticipated, so useful feedback from the community goes a long way.

  • The staff are all pretty cool. They care about LJ but they have their own lives, other interests and can have fun with a free lunch


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