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Big Basin

Spent Sunday evening and night in Big Basin with friends. Stayed in Huckleberry tent cabins, which turned out to be pretty comfy, albeit spartan. Definitely better than a regular tent. We ate like kings and hung out around the campfire until late at night. It was a little disappointing to leave the woods and beautiful weather and come back to a cold foggy city yesterday afternoon.


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Aug. 20th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
Big Basin is definitely amongst my favorite parks! I have backpacked into the wilderness campgrounds many times over the years and have hiked the trails more than I can count. Did you see the cross-section of the redwood with the metal tags that mark the dates of certain major events in the earth's history that goes back to the 500's AD?

It's nice to hear you got away into the Santa Cruz mountains for a few days. The Basin is so alive with life and is definitely rejuvenating.

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