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Last week I signed up with Zipcar, partly because I got a discount through LiveJournal. Saturday I booked a pickup truck for an hour and a half. I found that I was very concerned about timing, wanting to get the most of my booked time, but then running late cause I was cleaning the futon frame I was going to move.

The truck was easy to find, the instructions clear and the only annoyance was finding the tank at quarter full. When it reaches quarter full you are supposed to fill it, and the previous driver should have probably taken care of that. It was a very minor annoyance, and it was fairly easy using the card provided to fill the truck back up. There was a CD player in the truck, and I thought that if I was in a band, I would probably leave CDs in the truck for people to listen to. When I checked, there was a CD in the player, and it was pretty bad.

The day after my first rental I got an email from Zipcar asking me for feedback. I think the email was well-timed and the survey was short. Overall I think Zipcar does a good job.

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