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Irish Vacation

I've been in my hometown, Castletownbere, in west Cork since Saturday. On Friday the Festival of the Sea was opened by Colin Farrell, who happens to be in the area shooting a movie called Ondine. So Saturday, Sunday and Monday the whole town has been festive and celebrating, along with a little bit of help from yours truly.

I'm catching up with a lot of family and friends, but have managed to find a little time to get out on the sea. Sunday I did a little kayaking. Monday I went snorkeling for scallops with my brother patrick, we caught about 45 and kept about 35 to eat. That night we feasted on lightly pan-fried marinated scallops.

This week the movie Ondine is being shot just in front of my parents house. My niece Tasha is the stand-in for a little girl actor in the movie. I can see Colin Farell on set, from my bedroom, and can get pretty close to the action from my parents property. One of my other niece's got a photo of Colin I might need to submit to ohnotheydidnt, but maybe I will wait until I have some gossip or scandal to go along with it.


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Aug. 6th, 2008 11:01 pm (UTC)
meh i'm so jealous as i won't be able to go this fall, but of course you're is rightly deserved, home even! i suppose your family and friends are happy to have you around for a little bit.

sounds like it's pretty crazy around town with the movie filming! i haven't been the festival of the sea, i guess it's a month earlier than i usually go. what is it all about, just the usual small town festival sort of things.

wow - well - hope the rest of your time there is great, and i'll look forward to hearing more upon your return.

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