Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Movie Extra

My brother Patrick suggested me for a role as an extra in the movie Ondine, and sure enough they called me up and had me pretending to be a fisherman working on the bow of a fishing trawler docked at the pier in CastletownBere. The scene involed the main character, Syracuse(Colin Farrell), coming in to the pier on his boat the "Lucy D." with a pretty woman, the lead actress I presume. As the boat pulls in, the fishermen on the docked boats stop what they are doing; stare, point and talk about the woman. Syracuse yells up at the fishermen.

It was interesting playing an extra and seeing how things work. Neil Jordan, the director, asked me and the guy next to me if we were real fishermen and what we would be doing, so I suggested coiling up some rope that was laying on the deck. I spent plenty of time coiling and uncoiling rope, we must have done about 15 takes from various camera angles. I didn't really get any lines, but I did get to wolf-whistle at the woman on the boat. We'll see if me or my whistle make it into the final movie.
Tags: ireland, movie

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