Muay Thai

After a couple years of taking Muay Thai classes at Fight and Fitness, I finally got a private lesson with Neungsiam. I told him I wanted to work sparring so he started me off with some basic sparring work. I was not relaxed and felt really awkward. Once I started to relax things got a little better, but it was obvious I had some bad habits I needed to get rid of. Specifically my kicking needed some work, which we focused on at the end. Of course after having taken the regular class for an hour beforehand, I was feeling pretty spent. I now have some things to work on, before I get another lesson next week.

Stephen Colbert on Legalizing Migrant Workers

I have always believed it is unfair that people who work really hard farming american soil have almost no chance to become legal workers or citizens. Yet people with college degrees or lots of money have many opportunities for obtaining US work and resident visas. I obtained my greencard via lottery, but am fairly sure my college education may have helped grease the immigration wheels.

Secure the border and crack down on illegal workers, but not before providing an uncomplicated and inexpensive way for providing visas for manual labor immigrants. Visas that do not prohibit these workers from ever obtaining citizenship.

Kung Fu Tournament

I'm competing this weekend at a kung fu tournament in San Francisco. I'm competing in the chi sao division along with some of the guys from the Oakland East-West Wing Chun school. Some others are also competing in the sparring divisions. I believe chi sao is happening on Sunday, but there will be sparring both Saturday and Sunday. Should be a lot of fun.

Chi sao competition should look something like this:

New flickr Photo Page

It is fun to experience the redesign of a major page on a major website. The new photo page on flickr just went to public beta. A lot of people have been working hard on this at flickr, improving just about everything on the page.

With any redesign of a widely used page there are going to be people who dislike the change, just like there was for the redesign of the LiveJournal profile page. Many people do not want change. If you are one of those people, like I am sometimes, it is best to try something out for a little while before sharing your displeasure. In other words, give it a chance. There is a flickr group discussion with people sharing their gut reaction.

One of the significant improvements to the new photo page is larger images. The photos will display 140 pixels larger in size, a 28% increase. I had a hand in supporting this new size, especially for photos uploaded before April 1st 2010, and am excited to see this go live.

Thank you Zynga

Thank you for breaking my addiction to your games. Mafia Wars is an extremely dumb game, but it requires no intelligence and very little time to play. It is about doing things and collecting stuff, but with no real goal. Just level up and continue to level up. Zynga Poker was a little better, I got to play Texas Hold'em poker against random people and maybe even improve my game a little. A fun distraction at times.

As of today both those games require I provide and approve use of my email address. I'm not willing to provide a company like Zynga any personal information, so I'm done with their games.